New Build Out!


I know I have skipped 4 builds, its because this project is more active on Gamejolt than it is here.

Here is the overall changelog (the top block of text is the most recent):

-WayHome Expansion finished and soundtrack added
-Credits Added
-Extras Menu Added
-JukeBox Added
-Bonus Levels Added
-WASD controls added
-Mute button added ("M" key)
-SpeedRun stuff added ("T" key)
-Added LiquidBlast thing at the beginning
-Added animated Newgrounds thing at the beginning (30fps :3)
-Boss Fight Modified
-Probably more graphical improvements
-Probably some performance improvements

-Graphical Improvements
-Expansion pack is playable, but not all levels/music are done
-Bug Fixes

-Added "Party Rooms" from PixelBob, leaving out room 2
-Added "Party Room" music
-Added new stuff to main menu
-Added "R" respawn stuff
-Fixed issue on first tutorial level
-Modified first tutorial level

-Added Level 19 and 20
-Added Boss
-Added Boss Music
-Added Boss Sounds
-Cutscene code changed slightly


PixelBobDevBuild6.exe 29 MB
Jul 08, 2017

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